Company Profile

This is usually the section where companies bang on about how many years experience they have in the industry, how big their database is, how they know every client/candidate and how every time they speak with you the clouds will part and a beam of sunlight will wash over you.

We’ll save our blushes by simply saying that we all started in recruitment when London dialling codes began 0171 & 0181, Alan Shearer was the leading goal scorer in a major football tournament, the Hacienda in Manchester was still a club (not a block of apartments), the Rugby Union 6 Nations was the 5 Nations and we were being trained in the office on a revolutionary new OS called Windows 95…you get the picture!

Experience as number of years means nothing if the people you’re talking to haven’t learnt anything during all those years. We’re proud to say that we’ve made some terrible mistakes along the way, but the important thing for us is that we’ve learnt from all those mistakes, we’re still not perfect (who is?) but we’re good…very good.

We’re straightforward, we don’t play games, we’re human, we treat people with respect and we’ll partner you every step of the way – be that helping you find your next exciting career opportunity or helping you develop your business by finding the right people for you.

Our best candidates are our clients and our best clients are our candidates.

Thanks to our expert team who have a wealth of knowledge within IT recruitment and much more, we have a large portfolio of happy clients and well-placed candidates, all of whom thoroughly appreciate our market knowledge, industry advice and above all, our open and honest approach to recruitment.

For the record, our internal database does hold millions of records and we don’t rely on Job Boards (why would we when with a bit of effort, you can do that yourself)? Our reach into the passive market is second-to-none. We’ve placed thousands of people in fulfilling career advancing roles with thousands of clients.