Why Work With Us?

We want to help you reduce the need for our service!

Don’t sound like a typical recruitment company do we?

Why would we want to help you reduce the need to pay us fees for recruitment?

It’s simple; we don’t want your ‘hires’ to be grudge purchases. We want you to want to work with us as opposed to having to through gritted teeth.

When 70%+ of business expense is related to your people, hiring the wrong people is extremely costly – financially and culturally.

We’ve got the ability and the reach to find the best people for your business, people who are passive and semi-passive…people whose engagement with your business and contribution to it will change your view of the way a recruitment company should work with you.

Your business is the best in the world right?

Every business thinks the same thing but how do you convince your existing people and new hires that this is the case?

In the most competitive market with the highest level of skills shortage that we’ve seen for 10+ years, it’s no longer good enough to offer someone a job and expect that they’ll automatically accept. Oh and by-the-way, other companies are trying to seduce your existing employees.

We’ll help you build your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to raise employee engagement, attract and retain top talent or even improve financial performance.

Research shows organisations that use their EVP most effectively are five times more likely to report their employees are highly engaged and twice as likely to report achieving financial performance significantly above their peers when compared to companies that use their EVP less effectively.

We will help you attract the best people, help you retain your best talent, reduce your recruitment outlay and improve your bottom line.